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We provide a vast array of services in
Bioinformatics analysis

Contract Research

We provide contract research services in NGS, Microarray, Transcriptomics, Docking & Simulation, Immunoinformatics etc.

Research Consultation

We provide research consulatation for researchers to improve the end result of their work with few add-ons.

Downstream Analysis

We help people/researchers better understand their results they got from their research work.

Research Informatics Hub

This is a special service provided by us to the researchers with Bioinformatics lab & free consultation.

Bioinformatics System

It is a specialy designed system for running all kind of Bioinformatics analysis with our custom OS and improve efficiency.

Cloud Computing

This service is provided to the indivisual researchers working in the field of NGS, Microarray, Transcriptomics etc.

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EdGene BioMed is a customized Bioinformatics solution provider in various research areas of bioinformatics with great expertise in High Throughput sequencing data analysis (DNA, RNA, ChIP, Metagenomics, Epigenetics, Methylation Etc.), Genome Editing using CRISPR, Functional Genomics, Immunoinformatics, Vaccine Design, Molecular Docking, Molecular Dynamics Simulation, Functional Proteomics Etc.


" Based on 3-day hands-on-training workshop I feel the information shared with us is up to the level what basics are required for NGS data analysis and I am satisfied with that."

Hemangini Chaudhari

" After this workshop I will be able to perform analysis on my own data and can try to interpret it. Overall great experience. "

Shruti Kashyap

"Personally attention was given and we have very much cleared about the doubts regarding NGS analysis. "

Nidhi Radadiya

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