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It is a new and very unique technology of gene editing, which can be used in various fields for research and R & D works by different Research Institutes and Diagnostics lab.


We provide an extensive array of services in Next Generation Sequencing with genomic analysis in Metagenomics, Chip Seq, DNA Seq (Ref & DeNovo), RNA Seq (Ref & DeNovo) & T Cell Repertoire Sequencing.


Immunoinformatics can be used in different ways like Vaccine Design, Development of biological therapeutics, Analysis of immunogenetics, Predicting protein allergenicity, Design of immuno-therapeutic drugs.

Vaccine Design

Reverse vaccinology provides platform using comutational bioinformatics applications in order to find and screen potential vaccine candidates to design target specific vaccines.

MicroArray Analysis

Microarray is a study used for gee expression & functional genomics analysis. It's a platform where we can generate genome expression profiles of varius organisms & we provide complete solutions in Insilico Microarray Analysis.


We provide several types of Molecular Docking services, like Protein-Ligand, Protein-Protein, Drug-Protein, RNA-Protein, DNA-Protein, DNA-Ligand / Drug, Antigen-Antibody, Enzyme-substrate, Protein-Inhibitor along with Simulation services .


"Biology is the most powerful technology ever created. DNA is software, protein are hardware, cells are factories."

Arvind Gupta

" Our own genomes carry the story of evolution, written in DNA, the language of molecular genetics, and the narrative is unmistakable."

Kenneth R Miller

"April 25th is DNA Day. I know, you probably had no idea."

Anne Wojcicki